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I lurked in the fediverse for quite some time now, but I never made a proper , so - since I wanna become more active here - I thought I should finally do one:

I'm Nikola! (You can call me Niko)
I'm 22, white, bisexual, poly and a cis-woman (I might be bigender, but I'm not really sure yet).


it's not much to ask, I just want to live in a peaceful, quiet mountain cabin that's in the middle of a major city and within walking distance of literally everything

I do not care about politics. Any time someone I know goes into something so they can do good and change the system, the system changes them and they become a shell of themselves. You cannot join a toxic group and expect to not become toxic, much less change everyone. You have to make something NEW.

The tiny teporingo (Romerolagus diazi) or volcano rabbit is endemic to the slopes of four volcanoes in Central #Mexico. It normally lives above 2,800 mts., close to the fields of a sort of volcano grass called “zacatón”. In #MexicanSpanish they are also called “zacatuche”, a word derived from #Nahuatl (“Aztec” language) “zacatochtli”, meaning “grass rabbit”. Unfortunately the teporingo is an endangered species due to overgrazing and fragmentation of its habitat.


Ich muss sagen der Kontrast, zwischen meiner Bubble, in der alle die Zerstörung von Lützerath und den Bruch des Pariser Klimaabkommens katastrophal finden und den Leuten, die ich im Alltag treffe und die zum großen Teil auf dem Standpunkt stehen, dass Klimaaktivist:innen nur dreiste Wichtigtuer sind, die dem Steuerzahler kosten verursachen und aus Lust und Laune Terror machen, ist echt schwer erträglich und lässt mich echt etwas hoffnungslos zurück. 😕

Das Ding ist ja bei #Lützerath, #Klimakatastrophe und co, dass wir hier in unserer kuscheligen Bubble alle voll dafür sind, aber wenn das Thema irgendwo im Job oder halt außerhalb meiner Freund:innen- und Bekanntenbubble eher die Meinung dominiert "Ja, die Letzte Generation ist ja dreist, das ist alles sinnlos, und überhaupt Deutschland ist so klein, das fällt eh nicht ins Gewicht, wenn wir uns voll anstrengen, was ist mit China?" -.-

How opposition to hierarchy protects us from scammers like Anarqxista 

One of the most common 'rebuttals' to anarchism is: "but if anyone can do whatever they want, then won't anarchism be vulnerable to bad actors?"

Well in fact, I think anarchism is the system least vulnerable to bad actors. If a person has ill intentions, then in anarchism, everyone has the same amount of "power", so the rest of the people can stop this person.

On the other hand, in societies with hierarchies, the person at the top can suddenly decide to do harm, and now it's difficult to stop them -> because they have so much power due to them being on top of a hierarchy.

There are fraudsters even in capitalism - and they can cause enormous harm, since all they have to do is either manipulate the few money-havers or be born into a rich family themselves. See for example Theranos or the latest Logan Paul scam.

In anarchist milieus today I think it's fair to say that we've almost eliminated some hierarchies - so for example there isn't one big anarchist party that can do anti-worker stuff since someone anti-worker sits at the top (there's no "at the top"*).

What the Anarqxista incident shows though (imo), is that we have not eliminated hierarchies like patriarchy and maybe we've built one new hierarchy of 'coolness' - that is if a person does sick anarchist stuff (or if they say so) or if they go to prison, they get respect and people listen to them. I would say this one is also connected to patriarchy though: since the hierarchy of 'coolness' puts the 'doers' at the top and ignores all the people doing care work, or the people in oppressed positions themselves, who virtually cannot afford to be 'cool' -> and this is a pattern also present in patriarchy (ok maybe I should say in the kyriarchy).

*Maybe there is though: numerous people have said that what texts TAL lets in is kinda influential in the anarchist spaces. Yet the decision making there isn't really open? I get it, TAL is really "a" anarchist library, there could be others, but...

Because fascists lack a coherent political worldview, they have the biggest tent in politics. Contrary to popular belief, fascist movements do welcome all races, sexual orientations, and gender identities.

As long as you share hatred of some of the same groups, you can find a home in the fascist movement. If you're a trans woman who hates Black people, you'll find a home in the fascist movement (as long as you're willing to overlook transphobia).

If you're a Latino man who hates women and wants to dominate them, you'll find a home in the fascist movement (as long as you're willing to overlook racism). You'll be useful to the fascist movement as a token or ideological shield - they can use your marginalized identity to further their cause.

This is why you'll see gay fascists in a crowd of Proud Boys who are shouting "f*ggot", Black fascists storming the Capitol alongside people shouting the N-word at police, and Jewish fascists at an antivax rally standing next to people holding signs saying that COVID is a Jewish conspiracy.

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@queriban berichtete gestern Abend beim Vogel, dass die Berliner Polizei gegen @queerde wegen der "Verunglimpfung des Andenkens Verstorbener" ermittelt. Grund sei folgender Artikel: "Mit Ratzinger starb einer der größten queerfeindlichen Hetzer"

Das Recherchekollektiv Gegen Rechts erklärt sich hiermit solidarisch mit queerde. 🖤 ♥️

Hello it is me

I am the extreme alt left

I am here to bully you online into accepting ridiculous ideas like:

* Literally everyone deserves a good life
* Universal, unconditional healthcare
* No one should have too much power over anyone else

People who say "not everyone can ride a bicycle" don't seem to care all that much when you say "not everyone can drive a car."

There is no such thing as the tragedy of the commons: a thread.

The oldest published reference to the idea is in a lecture by an early political economist at Oxford, William Foster Lloyd, in 1832 titled "On the Checks to Population." Lloyd first articulated the argument that many of us have been taught as an inevitable and immutable fact of economic life: that any resource owned in common will be exploited to the point of ruin.

"Why are the cattle on a common so puny and stunted? Why is the common itself so hare-worn, and cropped so differently from the adjoining inclosures? No inequality, in respect of natural or acquired fertility, will account for the phenomenon."


#capitalism #commons #tragedyofthecommons #anticapitalism #ostrom #anticapitalism #anarchism

We spent all this time saying what if China abuses user data harvested by TikTok, or what if China uses TikTok to manipulate public opinion. Now basically all that is happening but it's not TikTok and China, it's Twitter and a single emotionally unstable billionaire. Maybe the real threat wasn't TikTok after all, it was our reliance on social media in general.

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winter - 

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wheatpasteing street fuck twitter 

"We deserve a world in which people are respected for what they share, not what they take for themselves. The real problem is the system that creates these inequalities in the first place. Rather than competing to be the ones who exploit and oppress, let’s abolish the means by which they do."

Since Mastodon saw its initial popularity circa 2017, I've noticed that most users and those reporting on it either don't think about the Fediverse as anything more than Mastodon, or treat its history as beginning with Eugen Rochko and the beginning of Mastodon. In fact, Mastodon is the latest in a long line of federated social networks going at least back to, and though I wasn't around for all of it, I find this history pretty interesting. (Thread; boosts welcome!)

Arbitrary reminder that "libertarian" outside North America still tends to have kept its original meaning of "anarchist" which has absolutely nothing at all to do with the econo-, ethno-, political-elitists in USA which have usurped that name there.

No form of elitism can ever be considered as any form of anarchism,
just as the extremely few and legendarily misguided people self-labeling as Anarcho-Feudalist, Anarcho-Nationalist, Anarcho-Royalist or even the craziest idea Anarcho-Capitalist have nothing actually at all to do with anarchism and are extremely loudly rejected by every anarchist I know of.
Just like one can construct a fiction where "dark pale" can be written next to each other and one can claim something or someone is just that, but it's not a real thing.

Aktuell mindestens 21 #Aktivist:innen in Präventihaft.

"Gedacht war die Ausweitung der Präventivhaft in #Bayern vorgeblich als letztes Mittel gegen mörderische Fanatiker, die möglichst viele "Ungläubige" töten wollen und auf freiem Fuß nicht lückenlos überwacht werden können.

Getroffen hat es die "Letzte Generation". Regulär verurteilt wurden sie dafür nicht."

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